How do I get something in the bulletin?

The normal bulletin deadline is a week before the issue date. You may either e-mail your item (please type “Bulletin” in the subject line), mail or drop off a hard copy to the parish office. All items are subject to approval and editorial review. Check the bulletin for special and holiday deadlines. You may e-mail an item to bulletineditorcabrini@gmail.com.

Mail a Bulletin item to:
St. Frances Cabrini Bulletin Editor
1248 South 10th Street
Omaha, NE 68108

How do I reserve space for a meeting?

Contact the Parish Office at 402-934-7706.

How do I have an announcement made after Mass?

It would be our preference to have no announcements made after Mass. We would hope that the most important information would be communicated through the bulletin. However, if you have something you believe is pertinent to the whole community, you may contact Fr. Damian with a request for a brief announcement.

How do I get something on parish bulletin boards?

Contact the Parish Office at 402-934-7706 or via e-mail at bulletineditorcabrini@gmail.com. The three sets of bulletin boards are updated weekly.

How do I get something on the parish website?

You can e-mail your information to stfrancescabrini.oma@archomaha.org.