Our Values


The parish is intentional in developing the prayer-life of its members by providing them with opportunities to pray and learn about prayer in a way that reflects the depth and breadth of the Catholic tradition. Parish worship is centered on the Eucharist as the “Source and Summit” of its life.


The parish makes known the presence of Christ in our world by encouraging its members to be the living presence of Christ to all the people they meet. Members invite others to join the church and share in the Reign of God.

Spiritual Development

The parish provides opportunities for all of its members to grow as intentional disciples. Growing as a disciple is a life-long process, achieved through deepening our relationship with Christ and learning from the rich Catholic tradition. The parish challenges all of its members to be transformed through service to others.

Service and Justice

The parish prides itself on its service to all who are in need, on the margins of society, or who live in fear and loneliness. We see this is as our opportunity to encounter the living Lord in the places where he taught us he would be. The parish also advocates for the dignity of all persons in accord with the Church’s teaching on justice.


The parish understands that following Jesus is not accomplished as an individual, but shared with other disciples; a gathering we call “church”. Our community accompanies the baptized on their journey through life with all of its joys and sorrows. Community is formed through major events and in small faith sharing opportunities. We hope that parishioners will find good friends here who share their beliefs and values.