Welcome Letter


Dear Friends,

We welcome you to the Catholic Community of St. Frances Cabrini! Our history in Omaha is long and deep. The very first Catholic parish in Omaha, St, Mary’s, was merged into our parish of St. Philomena’s in the 1860’s. Located at 9th and Harney, it was the original Catholic Cathedral for the Nebraska Territory. At the turn of the century, as Jobber’s Canyon took over the neighborhood, the parish moved up the hill to its present location at 10th and William. The parish changed its name in 1958 from St. Philomena to St. Frances Cabrini in honor of the first American Saint and in recognition that Frances Cabrini most likely prayed in our church during stopovers on train rides between Chicago and Denver.

Our church building was a holy place for Frances Cabrini to spend a few quiet moments with God as she journeyed through the Midwest. We hope you find the same experience today that Frances Cabrini had one hundred years ago. In our busy, noisy world we all search for places that lead us to truth, to beauty, to love and to God. We hope our church can be that place for you whether you are visiting for a few minutes or choose to be a permanent member.

Located just up the hill from the Old Market in the heart of what is called Little Italy, our community is quite diverse and welcoming of all. Thomas Kimball, the architect for our church and Omaha’s present Cathedral, designed the structure in imitation of the Spanish Mission churches to celebrate the roots of Christianity in the Americas. We still take the work of mission seriously and reach out to all people within our neighborhoods and around the world.

Our school, All Saints, serves the wider community drawing students from all economic levels and from both south and north Omaha. The student body is diverse with many students being first generation Americans. Offering those students an excellent education is a high priority for our parish.

The Good News that happened in Jesus and the outpouring of God’s love in Jesus is celebrated in every parish event. That Good News celebrates that the power behind the cosmos is not blind chance or brute force, but is a Love that delights in the goodness of every part of creation. A love that cares for the smallest creature and the most distant star. That love transforms us so that we might become a transformative people.


Come and join us today!

Fr. Damian Zuerlein