Cabrini Parish Center coming soon!

OMAHA, Neb. —The historic St. Francis Cabrini Church is growing, but it’s simply running out of space.

[Video: St. Francis Cabrini Church growing with acquisition of Christ Child Center]

“There’s no place for Bible study, adult formation gatherings,” the Rev. Damian Zuerlein said. “There are no place for funeral dinners or wedding receptions.”

When the Christ Child Center across the street went up for sale, it seemed to be an answer.

“It provided us with the opportunity to continue the Christ Child mission and to expand our opportunities for adults in the parish,” Zuerlein said.

The entire building is receiving a makeover: fresh paint in each room, new carpet, renovated kindergarten and preschool classrooms.

The biggest job in the renovation process is the pool room, which the church hopes to renovate into a banquet hall for the parish.

“We need to reconfigure this whole room, putting in a catering kitchen, dance floor, (and) sound-proofing material,” Zuerlein said.

Zuerlein said the church simply wants to help serve the community, while keeping the history of a building they all know and love.

“Old-time parishioners learned how to swim here, and took their religious education classes here, went to summer camp. They would hate to see it torn down or turned into something else,” Zuerlein said.

The entire process could potentially cost up to $1 million. Classrooms are scheduled to open by Aug. 1.

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