Pastor’s Letter 10.22.17

Dear Friends,

First, my deepest thanks to all of you who gave of your time and energy at the Spaghetti Dinner last
Sunday. As always, it was a wonderful celebration and gave people from all over Omaha a chance to gather with
us, enjoy old friendships, and eat a wonderful dinner. Congratulations to everyone who helped! It was a great
success. Thanks especially to those who take on the added burden of leadership roles. Those are not easy jobs and
they deserve our gratitude. We will be having a follow-up gathering and evaluation on November 7th at 7 pm in
the parish center. You are invited to attend with your ideas and thoughts. We will have a thank you party later
next month for everyone who helped.

Second, you should be receiving the parish’s Annual Report in the mail very soon. There are extra copies
near the entryways of the church so you can read it if yours has not arrived in the mail. Please take a few moments
to read it and thank God for the amazing success the parish has been able to accomplish this past fiscal year. If
you have any questions about the way we spent your donations, please feel free to ask. There are no secrets in the
parish when it comes to the finances. This is not the confessional! Feel free to call me or talk to Jan in the finance
office or to one of the Pastoral Council members if you have any questions.

Third, after consultation with the Pastoral Council and the Liturgy Committee, we will be making a few
small changes to the way we carry out the liturgies at St. Frances Cabrini. These changes will begin next
weekend. The first change is that we will take up the offertory collection prior to the gifts brought forward and the
altar being prepared. Once the collection has ended, the bread, the wine, and the people’s monetary offerings will
be brought forward in procession. The monetary offerings are placed in a basket in front of the altar to symbolize
your gifts being placed before God. They will be put in the safe in the sacristy following the Mass. If children are
present, the priest or deacon will do a children’s collection by holding a basket for the children to come forward
and place their gift in it.

The other liturgical changes are: 1) We will begin using a Book of the Gospels if a Deacon is present. The
Book of the Gospels will come in procession and be placed on the altar until it is time for the reading of the
Gospel when it will be moved from the altar to the ambo. 2) There will be a special dismissal of communion
ministers. Those who are taking communion to the homebound will now be prayed over and officially dismissed
after communion to be sent on their way to those who are ill. Presently, those taking communion to the
homebound do so without any recognition. If you take communion to those who are not able to get to church,
please let us know before Mass that you will be taking communion to someone who is ill. 3) We have begun
using a new musical setting for the Gloria, Holy, Alleluia, Memorial Acclamation and Lamb of God. It is always
difficult to learn a new setting, so I urge patience with yourself and the community as we learn the new setting.
After several months, you be able to sing it very easily. 4) If you are gluten intolerant, please let me know and we
will have low-gluten hosts available for you at Mass. They will be placed in a separate ciboria and distributed in
the communion line on the priest side.

Fourth, you now have the option of making your monthly or bi-weekly gift to the parish by using ACH.
Which means, that you fill out a form and then your bank will make a gift to the church from your account once a
month or twice a month. This way you do not have to worry about writing a check or putting cash in an envelope.
You simply fill out a form with your tithing commitment on it and we will take care of the rest. If you are
traveling or ill or visiting another parish, your gift will still come to your home parish as you have designated.
There are forms near the doorways that need to be completed and returned to the parish with a cancelled check for
the ACH transfers to start. If you have questions, please talk to Jan in the parish office. This applies only to the
regular Sunday collection and not to the second collections or the special collections. Even if you choose to do
ACH, you will still receive the regular tithing envelopes in the mail. It costs more for the parish to sort the
envelopes out into different groups then to send them all out as one group mailing.

Fifth, the parish recently received a bequest from an estate that is to be used for capital improvements of
the church building. The Pastoral Council decided to use this bequest for the following needed repairs at the
church: 1) a new sound system for the church. Installation of the sound system will take place over the next few
weeks. 2) New front doors for the church and adding glass to the inside doors (so the entry way can serve as a
kind of “cry room” for children). The new doors will be installed in January or February. 3) We will also use the
gift for repairs to the church roof, so the leaks on the north and east walls can be stopped. These roof repairs will
happen next year during the late spring. We are deeply thankful for this generous bequest and encourage all of
you to think about putting the parish in your will.


Fr. Damian

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